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Name/title Maker Production date Description
Moeraki Boulder Moeraki Boulder
Small Moeraki boulder. Moeraki boulders are concretions. They are known in te reo Maori as Te Kaihinaki. This specimen may be from the Katiki Beach area, Otago.
Kaika Moeraki Kaika Moeraki
Dec 1937
Visitors gathered at Moeraki centenary celebration. (salvaged from the right section of a damaged panoramic print.)
Kaika, Moeraki Kaika, Moeraki
Dec 1937
Maori village assembled for Moeraki centenary. (Salvaged from the left section of a damaged panoramic print.)
Moeraki, North Otago Moeraki, North Otago
Dec 1937
Moeraki centenary celebrations, December 1937.