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British War Medal British War Medal
McMillan, William (b.1887, d.1977)
Circa 1919
The obverse of this medal shows the uncrowned left-facing profile of King George V by Sir Bertram Mackennal. The reverse of the medal depicts St George on horseback trampling underfoot the eagle shield of the Central Powers, and a skull and cross-bones (the emblems of death). Above, the sun has risen in victory. The figure is mounted on horseback to symbolise man's mind controlling a force of greater strength than his own, and thus alludes to the scientific and mechanical developments and machines which helped to win the war.

The ribbon consists of an orange watered centre, with thin stripes of white and black at each side, and borders of royal blue.

Issued to Capt F N Houston.
Victory Medal Victory Medal
McMillan, William (b.1887, d.1977)
Circa 1919
The obverse of the medal depicts the standing figure of Victory holding a palm branch in her right hand and stretching out her left hand. On the reverse of the medal is a laurel wreath containing a four-line inscription: "THE GREAT WAR FOR CIVILISATION 1914-1919". The dates are '1914-1919' to include post-war intervention by the Allied nations in the Russian Civil War. The medal is yellow bronze and is attached to the ribbon by a ring.

The ribbon is watered silk with a double rainbow, with indigo at the edges and red in the centre.

'Capt F N Houston' on rim.
1914 Star Medal 1914 Star Medal
Blakemore, William Henry James (b.1871, d.1945)
Circa 1917
The 1914 Star is a crowned four-pointed star with crossed swords and a wreath of oak leaves, with the royal cypher at the foot and a central scroll inscribed "AUG NOV 1914". The reverse of the 1914 Star is plain, except for the inscribed name and service details of the recipient. The medal is bronze and is attached to the ribbon by a ring.

The ribbon is watered silk with red, white and blue stripes. This is the same ribbon as that worn on the 1914-15 Star.

Engraved on back 'Lieut F N Houston York & Lanc R.' From a framed collection of medals.
Military Cross Medal Military Cross Medal
Jul 1915
Ornamental silver cross with straight arms terminating in broad finials, suspended from plain suspension bar. Obverse decorated with imperial crowns, with the Royal Cypher in centre.

Engraved on back is 'Ypres - Capt. Frederick N Houston - July 1915.'

The ribbon consists of three equal vertical moire stripes of white, purple, and white.
Memorial Plaque (medallion) Memorial Plaque (medallion)
Circular bronze plaque. Features an image of Britannia holding a trident and standing with a lion. The designer's initials, E.CR.P., appear above the front paw. In her outstretched left hand Britannia holds an olive wreath above the rectangular tablet bearing the name Frederick Neville Houston cast in raised letters. Below the name tablet, to the right of the lion, is an oak spray with acorns. Two dolphins swim around Britannia, symbolizing Britain's sea power, and at the bottom a second lion is tearing apart the German eagle. Around the picture the legend reads (in capitals) "He died for freedom and honour". The reverse is blank.