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Boating on Elderslie lake Boating on Elderslie lake
H. C. Christeson
28 Mar 1902
Boating on Elderslie lake on Otekaieke Estate. Mr. Campbell with oar?
Otekaieke school school photo Otekaieke school school photo
Otekaieke school 1925.
Campbell Park, Otekaieke. Campbell Park, Otekaieke.
Campbell Park, Otekaieke. Grounds. Horse pulled lawn mower. Water fountain.
Group on horseback, Otekaieke Station Group on horseback, Otekaieke Station
Group on horseback, Otekaieke Station. Leaded glass.
Garden party, Otekaike Station. Garden party, Otekaike Station.
Garden party, Otekaike Station. View of grounds. Mr & Mrs Campbell with lollie scramble. Dog. Otekaieke
Large gathering on Otekaike grounds Large gathering on Otekaike grounds
Large gathering on Otekaike grounds. Otekaieke
Otekaike Homestead.  Grounds and lake. Otekaike Homestead. Grounds and lake.
Otekaike Homestead and lake. Glasshouse
Otekaieke schoolchildren in front of "The Lodge". Otekaieke schoolchildren in front of "The Lodge".
Otekaieke School children and teacher in front of The Lodge. Teacher: Miss Eason. Back row: E Hannah, G Watt, L Neill, A Park, D Park, J Parker, C Neill, L Vaile. Third row: G Neill, D Ellis, J Ellis, D Boyce, R Ellis, A Parker, D Hoskins. Second row: A Ellis, A Boyce, K Vaile, V Watt, M Park, M Dolan, M Boyce, H Watt. Front row: A Watt, D Hannah, B Ellis, P Watt.
Otekaieke hare drive. Otekaieke hare drive.
The beginning of the hare drive, at E O'Neill's property. On horseback: Arthur Williamson, Mrs. McKenzie, Jack McKay. Middle row: L. Hull, Mr. Mitchell, unknown, Dick O'Connor, Ned Dinien [?], Bill Gibson, Ernie Walker, Joe Cree, Jim Hoskin, Bert Milligan, Joe Sheath, Donald Park. Front row: Teddy O'Neill with unidentified boy, Bill Cooper, J. Parker, unknown, unknown, Bob Cacauldy, unknown, Charlie Orr, unknown.
Otekaieke hare drive. Otekaieke hare drive.
Four at rear (from left): Teddy [Edward] O'Neill, Jim Hoskin, Joe Cree, Bob Caulday. Middle row: Les Neill, Jack Parker, C Orr, Herb Cree, Bill Cooper, Fred Quaif [Quaife?](railway guard), unknown, Joe Sheath, Mr Mitchell, Donald Park. Second row: E Walker, L Walker, unknown, Daisy Fraser, Olive Hoskins, Mrs McKenzie, Mrs Mitchell, Miss Mitchell, Alex McKenzie, Bert Milligan.
Front row (Left to right): Arthur Park, Bill Gibson, Ned Direen, Dick O'Connor.
Caption also includes: "Jack Bishop. Roy Mitchell's father's house".
Otekaieke School. Otekaieke School.
Otekaike schoolchildren and two teachers in front of the school building. Back row fifth from right - Charles Watt. Marg Butt holding the slate. Front row, first at left: Bill Dumbleton, third from left Alex Sheath. Alan Watt second from right [?] in front row, H Watt on his right. Two boys sitting in front: Alec Gibson and Bill Sheath.
Otekaieke School. Otekaieke School.
Otekaieke schoolchildren. Back row: Bill Aitchison, Alec Sheath, Bill Dumbleton, Jim Gibson, Allan Watt, Jim Aitchison, John Grant, Stan Ross, Clem Williams, Ted Russell. Third row: Bob Grant, Mary Peevers, Alice Peevers, Violet Goddard, Joyce Gibson, Gertie Walker, Jessie Gibson, Lucy Dumbleton, Anna Russell, Daisy Munro, Dave Lundy. Second row: Audrey Bloomfield, Mavis Bloomfield, Jean Russell, John Russell, George Goddard, Peter Aitchison, Dave Peevers, Dick Thomas, Harry Daniell, Arthur Lister, Jack Lundy, Lew Jones. Front row: Les Ross, Irwin Bloomfield, Ian Daniell, Charlie Goddard, Jim Godsall, G=Frank Hughes, Dave Russell, Tom Peevers.
Otekaieke School. Otekaieke School.
Otekaieke schoolchildren with Infant Mistress Miss B Grimaldi and Head Teacher Mr E Morrin. Back row: Tom Peevers, Arthur Lister, George Stringer, Peter Aitchison, Irwin Bloomfield, Bill Aitchison, Dave Lundy, Jim Aitchison, Bill Dumbleton, Jim Gibson, Stan Ross, John Grant, Charlie Goddard, Ian Daniell, Frank Hughes, Jim Godsall, Clem Williams, George Goddard. Second row: Bert Thomas, John Russell, Lew Jones, Dave Russell, Bob Grant, Ted Russell, Gertie Walker, Jessie Gibson, Lucy Dumbleton, Les Ross, Dick Hogg, Harry Daniell, Jack Lundy, Dave Peevers, Bob Aitchison, Rob Russell, Dick Thomas. First row: Rose Wilson, Violet Goddard, Mavis Bloomfield, Mary Hogg, Mary Peevers, Anna Russell, Lottie Wilson, Joyce Gibson, Lizzie Wilson, Alice Peevers, Daisy Munro, Edna Goodall, Jean Russell, Audrey Bloomfield. Sitting in front: Eadie Goddard, Doris Walker.
Otekaieke School seniors. Otekaieke School seniors.
Otekaieke schoolchildren. Back row: William Grant, Peter Aitchison, George Stringer, Richard Hogg, David Russell, Elliot Harris, Donald Grant. Third row: Lew Jones, Bert Gard, Rose Wilson, Mary Peevers, Mavis Bloomfield, Bernard Grant, Harold Daniell, Les Gard. Second row: Audrey Bloomfield, Jean Russell, Eunice McGregor, Alice Peevers, Mary Hogg, Edith Goddard, Doris Walker. Front row: David Peevers, George Goddard, John Russell, Ronald Gard, Arthur Lister, George Harrison.
Otekaieke School juniors Otekaieke School juniors
Otekaieke schoolchildren. Back row: Walter Aitchison, Jack Williams, Bob Aitchison, Rob Russell, Jack Gard, George Russell. Middle row: James Peevers, Gisford Lister, Ray Sinclair, Jenny Meikleham, Mary Dineen, Francis Dineen, Leslie Wright. Front row: Alison Stewart, Olive Gard, Elsie Stewart, Kathleen Morrin, Ida Bloomfield, Daisy Bloomfield, Florence Harrison, Gladys Fraser.
First staff of the Otekaike Special School. First staff of the Otekaike Special School.
First staff of the Otekaike Special School. Mr Bensted, centre. Otekaieke
Staff, Otekaike Station, Staff, Otekaike Station,
Staff, Otekaike Station, 1907.
Back row (from left): Bridget Gallagher (parlour maid), Agnes Wardlow (ladies' maid), Mary Bain - later Mrs Pilfoot - (manager's maid), Miss Harriet Fricker, Mrs Miles (cook).
From row (from left): Mrs McGosling - Miss Elizabeth - (the baby's nurse), Augustus McAuley (house maid), Master Donald, Nurse Shaw (husband died from epidemic, 1918)