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Name/title Maker Production date Description
Portrait of F E  Baume Portrait of F E Baume
Casual portrait F.E. Baume 1940 in military uniform. Waitaki Boys' High School Album Page 22
Soldier unidentified Soldier unidentified
Studio portrait unidentified soldier sitting in armchair. Collar badges of the 5th Wellington Rifles
Portrait of an unidentified family. Portrait of an unidentified family.
Optimus Studio Company (estab. 1903, closed 1919)
A mounted photograph of a family of four women, four men and a boy taken outside a house. The women are dressed in black blouses and skirts and the men in dark suits which suggests mourning.
James Alexander. James Alexander.
Mahan, R
Circa 1910?
Studio portrait of James Alexander. James married Janet Falconer, daughter of Thomas and Helen Falconer (née Redpath).