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Microscope Preparation Items Microscope Preparation Items
Items used to prepare microscope slides, especially diatom slides.

They are as follows:
Circular cardboard canister of filament like objects 'bristles' on label, contains rats whiskers used to move diatoms when mounting microscope slides.
Tissue wrapped bundle of seven pieces of gauze like material of different sizes and one piece of dark coloured velvet.
Glass dish with lid.
Three white and one cream chine dishes.
Purple cardboard box and contents "1 OZ MICROSCOPIC GLASS CIRCLES 1 1/8 In. No. 1".
Green cardboard box and contents "THIN GLASS 1g No 1 5/8" R & J BECK LONDON & PHILADELPHIA".
Red cardboard box and contents "No. 1 MICRO. COVERS 7/8" CIRCLES 1/2 OUNCE".
Tracing wheel.
Four objects, possibly wax, with a picture of a bull in the centre and "FABRICANTES ULLATHORNE & CO LONDRES" around the edge.
Two pieces of metal rod welded together.