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Oamaru Harbour Oamaru Harbour
Circa 1933
View of Friendly Bay and harbour, 1933. The photograph might have been taken in April 1932. If this is confirmed, then the Uk freighter Gallic is moored at Holmes Wharf and the minesweeper HMS Wakakura is berthed alongside Sumpter Wharf. The ships beyond the breakwater (in the roadstead) may be the Shaw Savill (UK) freighter Raranga waiting to berth at Holmes Wharf, with the Karetu to the left of the photograph. If the second vessel is not the Karetu, it may be the Wainui or Waitaki; but this is less likely.
Oamaru Harbour and Breakwater Oamaru Harbour and Breakwater
"Dunedin", near the north mole, at 1250 tons was the largest vessel to visit Oamaru at that time. View over ships in the harbour toward Oamaru. MacAndrew Wharf and breakwater at right, Sumpter, Normanby and Cross wharves from left. North mole in the background. Dredge "Progress".
Oamaru Harbour Oamaru Harbour
"Oamaru Harbour". Breakwater. Cross wharf. Sumpter wharf.
Holmes Wharf, unidentified ship Holmes Wharf, unidentified ship
Steam ship (unidentified) at Holmes wharf. Pleasure craft.
Oamaru Harbour Oamaru Harbour
S S Elderslie (?) at Sumpter Wharf. Normanby Wharf.