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Hampden Class c1900 Hampden Class c1900
Circa 1900
Hampden School class, c. 1900. (Photocopy.)
Women's War Service Auxiliary Cycling Corps Women's War Service Auxiliary Cycling Corps
Women's War Service Auxiliary Cycling Corps. Back row (Left to right): Mrs Horrace [sic] McDowell (sgt major), Doris Scott, Florence Sim (sergeant), Dorothy Bottle, Marjorie Hesselgrave, Kathleen Scott, Doreen Kippenberger, Lorna Erickson. Middle row: Joyce Hubbard, Margaret McGregor, Moira Sherwin, Muriel Samuelson. Front row: Margaret Napier, Rene McCabe, Eileen McNichol.
"Back up communication should Oamaru be invaded. We had a knowledge of the morse code and semaphore. Marched up and down Chelmer Street in the middle of winter to keep fit and warm. A concert party was formed and entertained the home guard at the race course. Totara and Weston - also Eveline Hall where there was no room to change. So changed outside on the frosty grass under the stars. Many of us biked to these places." (Information supplied by Florence Bain.)