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Oamaru stone section Oamaru stone section
Section of cut Oamaru stone. Oamaru stone in known to geologists at Ototara limestone. It is commonly used as a building stone in the Waitaki District. Two faces of this section display natural weathering, with a third having been cut with a saw to display the white Oamaru stone.
Fossil Brachiopods Fossil Brachiopods
2 Brachiopod fossils. Pachymagas huttoni.
Fossil Rhodolith Section Fossil Rhodolith Section
Fossil rhodoliths within McDonald Limestone. The specimen has been cut to show the rhodoliths.
Fossil Rhodolith Fossil Rhodolith
A whole fossilised rhodolith, resembles a ball. Rhodoliths are a red algae.
Half Fossilised Rhodolith Half Fossilised Rhodolith
Half a fossilised rhodolith, cut down the middle to show a cross section. Fossil is round and golf ball-like. The rhodolith seems to have formed around a shell fragment.
Alluvial Gold Sample Alluvial Gold Sample
Flakes of gold in small glass vial.
Kokowai / Red Ochre Kokowai / Red Ochre
A jar containing a sample of red ochre.
Volcanic Tuff Volcanic Tuff
Piece of volcanic sandstone tuff from Cape Wanbrow, Oamaru. Volcanic ash cemented by calcite. From Deborah volcanics.
Table Decoration with Hair Flowers Table Decoration with Hair Flowers
Bee, Mary Bryce (b.1870, d.1899)
A floral, Victorian table decoration. It is an example of a then popular craft, consisting of flowers made from human hair. The flowers and foliage are constructed by wrapping the hair around pieces of wire and then shaping it. Typically the hair was boiled first. A variety of different coloured hair has been used and some of the flowers also have beaded details. Coloured thread has been used in places to hold the hair to the lengths of metal wire. The arrangement is on a yellow satin base and is then contained within a glass dome with a wooden base.

This item was made by Mrs R. McDowell (nee Mary Bryce Bee) of Weston, North Otago in 1895. At this time she would have been around 25 years. She died aged 29 very soon after the birth of her only child, Horace Bee McDowell.
Dinner Horn Dinner Horn
A large, hollowed out horn. The curve is pronounced. There is a metal mouth piece. Horn used for announcing dinners, it was used on the Roseberry estate.