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Unidentified woman having tea in a garden Unidentified woman having tea in a garden
Woman sitting at a wicker table in a garden, a tea set on the table.
Card Table Card Table
Sinclair, David (b.Circa 1854, d.1937)
A wooden inlaid card table. This table has an octagonal top. The table top is made up of 122 pieces of timber. 26 varieties of timber were used, mostly New Zealand native species. The table can be used for a variety of games. There is a chess board in the centre. There are spaces for the different suits of playing cards, diamonds, hearts, clubs and spades. There are also two spaces somewhat similar to a cribbage board but without holes, possibly for keeping track of scores. The rest of the table top is decorated with geometric designs. It is a tilt top table.

The base is a five column pedestal - a central column and one column above each of the four legs.

The table was made by David Sinclair, an Oamaru carpenter, and it was exhibited at the North Otago A & P show and at the 1889/90 New Zealand and South Seas Exhibition in Dunedin.