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Post & Telegraph Staff, Oamaru, Post & Telegraph Staff, Oamaru,
Post & Telegraph Staff, Oamaru 1922. (Montage.)
(From Top R-L) T. McMurray; A. Orr; W.J. Hogan, J. Fifield, W. Roxburgh, Miss L.M. Keates, H.C. McKenzie, J. Jones, P.M. Reilly, R.T.H. Rae, A. Napier, MIss J. O'Donnell, J. McNamee, Miss Oliver, H. Hopkins, J.M. McKay, J. Young, J. Henderson, W. Fisher, Chief Post Master, E.G. Palmer, L.J.W. Hitch, G. Berney, M.C. Lightwood, Miss L. Patterson, C.F. Miller, Miss F.C. Rose, A. Berry, H. Spencer, K. Seivwright, W.R. Bush, J. T. Frew, J.T. Meehan, W. Rogerson, D.A. Holt, D. Rae, W. Halvorsen, S.J. Crombie, C.D. McIvor, R. McIvor, V. Horsfell, A.W. Kitto, S.A. Holt, E. Gray, H. elley, D. Symon
Post and Telegraph staff Post and Telegraph staff
01 Dec 1908
Photograph of a framed picture with individual named portraits of the Post and Telegraph Staff, Christmas 1908. Also two unnamed group photos of the telegraph messengers and the letter carriers.