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Name/title Maker Production date Description
Accordion Accordion
Small button accordion. Black wooden facings, brown card frame with white paper bellows. The metal corners have 'Registered EMPRESS ACCORDEON Made in Germany Schutmark [swan] registered'
One side has two metal stops while the other has 10 black buttons which are attached to wooden levers, like piano keys. On this side is the Swan and Handel Fabrik marker.

Belonged to William Wilson who was born in 1852 in Minto, Scotland. When he came out to NZ he spent much of his life around Maerewhenua gold mining. He was very musical.
Saddler's Thimble Saddler's Thimble
A metal saddler's thimble. Also known as a palm. It belonged to Mr H.T. (Harry) Addison, who worked for Mr Dimick in the years around 1895-1898 as an apprentice when he was 13 to 15 years old.
Fork Fork
Joseph Rodgers & Sons
Fork with bone handle. Four narrow prongs, the two middle ones being slightly longer than the outer ones. Stamped on the head is "DISCOVERY - 1901". This was Robert Falcon Scott's ship. Stamped on the back "RODGERS".
Marking Gauge Marking Gauge
Coachbuilder's marking gauge. One side has "A. Crichton" stamped into it. From this centre block are two square arms. These can be hammered to and fro to adjust the arm. One arm is missing the steel claw with which to make marks.
Scissors Scissors
Circa 1960
Scissors given to workers of the first day of working for Alliance Textiles in 1960. The scissors are especially designed for textiles work.
There is only one loop which forms part of one of the blades.
Thames Street Peace Day Celebration Thames Street Peace Day Celebration
J M Brown Bookseller and Stationer
12 Nov 1918
Crowd in Thames Street. Looking south toward Clock Tower and St Luke's Church. Shops: McDonalds […], D Simpson Furnishing Warehouse, G M Procter Chemist, Robins Bros.
Dux Medal Dux Medal
Round silver medal shaped like a double Maltese cross. The centre is engraved "DUX GIRL ANNIE GILL NORTH SCHOOL Oamaru 1888". On the reverse is "PRESENTED BY H CONNELL". Surrounding the centre is scrolled sections. Ring at the top.
Alterations to Shop for the Trustees of the Estate of the Late Jas Emslie Alterations to Shop for the Trustees of the Estate of the Late Jas Emslie
Forrester and Steenson
Ground Floor Plan, First Floor Plan and Section of alterations to kitchen and wash house at back of two storey building. See also 184. Dated 7/6/28
Lloyd's Lifesaving Medal Lloyd's Lifesaving Medal
Large, heavy, bronze life-saving medal. Obverse has a raised image of two figures, a man hanging onto a top beam of a sinking ship and almost naked nymph like woman with a shawl. "LEUCOTHOE NAUFRAGO SUCCURRIT." "W.WYON. R: A: // 1839." Around the rim "DONALD McDONALD MATE OF THE "HENRY JAMES" 3 APRIL 1889.
Reverse has a wreath of oak leaves and acorns around top is raised "PRESENTED BY LLOYD'S // OB // CIVES // SERVATOS."

Captain Donald McDonald lived in a hut made partly of kerosene tins in Totara.
Steinecker beer bottle Steinecker beer bottle
First bottle of beer sold in Oamaru under Trust Control on Saturday March 24th 1962. This ended decades of prohibition in Oamaru.
Purchased by Bill Burns, then Curator of the Pioneer Gallery, at the Wear Street Bottle Store. "STEINECKER STEINECKER LAGER BEER. CONTENTS 12 FL OZ NETT." Small brown bottle with contents intact.
A photo of this purchase is in the Oamaru Mail on 26 March 1962 p. 4
Pewter Coffee Pot Pewter Coffee Pot
Pewter coffee pot. Embossed with a floral design. Engraved "PRESENTED TO MRS JAMES PATERSON BY THE BOARDERS IN ALBION HOUSE, AS A TOKEN OF RESPECT."
Butcher's Steel Butcher's Steel
Butcher's steel originally owned by Mr. Samuel Welsh. Wooden handle with ring attached.
Lane's Emulsion bottle Lane's Emulsion bottle
Lane's Emulsion bottle with a screw top and label. Bottle has "LANES EMULSION" embossed on both sides. 190 mm x 70 mm x 50 mm. Label is a little worn but readable. Metal top has Lanes Emulsion.
Indian Mutiny Medal Indian Mutiny Medal
Circa 1858
The obverse depicts the diademed head of a young Queen Victoria with the legend VICTORIA REGINA.
The reverse shows a helmeted Britannia holding a wreath in her right hand and a union shield on her left arm. She is standing in front of a lion. Above is the word INDIA, with the dates 1857-1858 below.
The ribbon is white with two scarlet stripes, with each stripe of equal width.

Engraved around the rim is "2292 SERG.T SAML. KING, 70TH REGT".
New Zealand Medal New Zealand Medal
Circa 1865
The medal is silver, circular, with a straight bar suspender ornamented with New Zealand fern fronds.

The obverse shows an effigy of Queen Victoria, facing left and wearing a diadem and veil, with the legend: VICTORIA D: G: BRITT : REG : F : D.

The reverse has a laurel wreath "NEW ZEALAND // VIRTUTIS HONOR" " 1863 // TO // 1865".

The ribbon is blue with a red centre stripe.

Around the edge is engraved "2292. SERGT. SAML. KING 70TH REGT."
Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
Circa 1860s
The medal was struck in silver and is a disk. The obverse depicts a Trophy of Arms that incorporates a central shield bearing the Royal Coat of Arms. The reverse of the medal is smooth with a raised rim and bears the inscription "FOR LONG SERVICE AND GOOD CONDUCT" in four straight lines in the centre. The ribbon is plain crimson.

Engraved on the side is 2292 SergT. Saml. King, 70th Regt.
Family unidentified Family unidentified
Circa 1905
Two women, two boys having tea in a garden. House in background
Unidentified men at Cape Wanbrow Unidentified men at Cape Wanbrow
Circa 1910
Four men sitting on the beach at Cape Wanbrow. Natural archway in background
North Otago Agricultural and Pastoral Association Medal North Otago Agricultural and Pastoral Association Medal
Bronze medal. The obverse has a pig, a horse, cows, and sheep. On the reverse is "North Otago Agricultural and Pastoral Association, Otago Instituted 1863", around the sides and within two wheat sheaves, Awarded - to - W. Meek - for - 2nd Best Draught Filly - 1 year - 1875.
Oamaru Post Office - East Elevation Oamaru Post Office - East Elevation
Forrester, Thomas (b.1838, d.1907)
East (front) Elevation of Post Office showing original design for tower. Signed in pencil 'Thos Forrester Architect'. See also 1984.40.1