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Name/title Maker Production date Description
Hore, James H H.  Manchester Unity Friendly Society  certificate Hore, James H H. Manchester Unity Friendly Society certificate
25 Sep 1924
ESVG, PG and GM?
View of Dunedin View of Dunedin
Circa 1920
View over Dunedin from a hill.
Man and women on a road Man and women on a road
Nov 1920
One man and two women standing near bush beside a road.
Volunteer Long Service Medal Volunteer Long Service Medal
The Volunteer Long Service Medal in silver with a raised rim on each side. It is suspended from a straight swivelling silver bar, affixed to the medal by means of a claw and a pin through the upper edge of the medal.

The obverse of the medal depicts the effigy of Queen Victoria wearing the Crown, a veil and the Star of the Order of the Garter. The effigy is circumscribed "VICTORIA REGINA".

The reverse shows a palm and laurel wreath that supports a scrolled banner bearing the inscription "FOR LONG SERVICE IN THE VOLUNTEER FORCE" in four lines.

The medal's ribbon is plain dark green.

Engraved on side 'Capt John M Forrester, Queen's Rifle Vol (1905)
Maheno Creamery Maheno Creamery
Mahan, Robert (b.1862, d.1928)
People, horses and delivery carts outside creamery. One man with bicycle for deliveries. Hand coloured
Pilfoot, Frank Leslie. Pilfoot, Frank Leslie.
13 May 1919
Certificate from the residents of Kurow and District, for Sergeant Frank Pilfoot on his return from active service. New Zealand Expeditionary Forces. Signed by Wallace V Willis - Chariman, [...] Secretary. Photo of Kurow. Reference photo only, no high resolution image.
Cadets, Waitaki Boys' High School Cadets, Waitaki Boys' High School
Circa 1915?
Two cadets with rifles at Waitaki Boys' High School. Sergeant Peat [?] in front.
Lunch in the desert Lunch in the desert
'Lunch in the desert'. 1940. Left Brig E Puttick, next General Freyberg. Col Latham (RA) Lt Col Heath? CRE
Daisy Herd and friends at Karitane Beach Daisy Herd and friends at Karitane Beach
Jan 1920
Daisy Herd (left) with another woman and two men (unidentified) sitting at Karitane Beach
Two women on city street Two women on city street
Two unidentified women on a city street.
Italy Star Italy Star
Circa 1940
Bronze, six-pointed star with a circular centre with the GRI/VI monogram, surmounted by the royal crown, and inscribed 'The Italy Star.'

The ribbon has five equal stripes of red, white, green, white and red.

Issued to William Nisbet.
Kokoamo School garden and residence Kokoamo School garden and residence
Circa 1919
View from the garden to the Kokoamo School residence.
J M Forrester album J M Forrester album
Circa 1865-1880s?
Various photographs, including Oamaru, Dunedin, Christchurch, Waimate, England, Scotland, pictures of artworks, Christchurch, overseas and artwork photographs have not been scanned.
Those not scanned include views of Christchurch c 1879, parks, buildings, Churches, harbour, and events.
Unidentified man Unidentified man
Mar 1920
Man standing beside a tree, a leather bag under his arm.