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Grave, W G. Lantern slides
Grave, William George (b.1870, d.1934)
2 x Wooden cases containing 160 lantern slides depicting mountaineering images. [2019/192.1.1 - 2019/192.1.60 were originally stored in the small box, and 2019/192.2.1 - 2019/192.2.99 in the longer box].
A number of cracked slides. One slide not numbered or scanned due to poor condition.
Includes photographs used in Beyond Southern Lakes by Anita Crozier.
[Note: It is possible some of the images scanned from the lantern slides are reversed - it is unclear which is the viewing side in some cases.]
Mount Balloon
The peak of Mt. Balloon, Southland.
Mountain scene, Moraine Creek
Mountain scene, Moraine Creek.
Tutoko River. Cleddau
The Tutoko River with mountains in the background.
Donne Valley, Cleddau
Waterfall in the Donne Valley.
William George Grave, B. Smith and Alf Grenfell
01 Dec 1904
L-R: W G Grave, B Smith and Alf Grenfell with billy cans over a fire. Packs and a gun on the river bank, at the beginning of the Worsley River to Sutherland Sound trip 1904-05.
Mountains, Cleddau Valley
Mountain scene. [Cleddau Valley ?]
Mountain peak, unidentified
A mountain peak in the clouds.
Man at Lake Bernard
Unidentified man sitting beside Lake Bernard, mountains in the background.
Mountain scene, unidentified
Snow capped mountains, location unidentified.
Mountain scene, unidentified
Trees, with snowy mountains in the background. Location unidentified. [Worsley River area?]
Two men on a mountain peak
Circa 1907?
Two unidentified men on a snow covered mountain. Location unidentified.
Mount Tutoko
River and trees with Mount Tutoko in the background.
Two men beside a waterfall
Circa 1907?
Two unidentified men beside a waterfall.
Waterfall, location unidentified
Small waterfalls over a rock face , location unidentified.
Mountain scene, unidentified
View across rocky ground to trees and mountains in the distance. Location unidentified.
William Grave and Arthur Talbot on a ridge above the south branch of the Cleddau River
William George Grave and Arthur Talbot on a mountain top. The first snowfield of the Grave-Talbot Pass is left of centre.
Lake Beddoes
Reflections of the tress and mountains on Lake Beddoes.
Iceberg Lake
View of a lake in the mountains, looking towards Marshall Pass.
Mountain scene, unidentified
View of a river or lake in the mountains, location unidentified.