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"Trader Horan" outside Bee's rabbit factory in Tyne Street
"Trader Horan" outside Bee's rabbit factory in Tyne Street. Horan lived in Wansbeck Street by "Ready Mix" factory. Truck.
Hanley's Painters
Hanley's painters
Edmond (Ned) Slattery, "The Shiner".
Edmond Slattery
George Moncrief, Cape Wanbrow.
George Moncrief, Cape Wanbrow. Bagpipes.
Thomas Nightingale, Painter, (standing) and his staff.
Thomas Nightingale, Painter, (standing) and his staff, Cecil Nightingale seated centre.
Two steam wagons
Two of the steam wagons belonging to Ireland and Co., used from the early 1900s until 1925. They later saw service in the Harbour Board quarry. Two of the vehicles cost close to L300, while the third cost L450.
Steam trucks
Severn Street facing south
Circa 1877
Severn Street facing south, c. 1877. Front to rear: McNab and Aimer's foundry, 1872-77; Meek's first mill, 1869; Hay and Barr's mill, 1874-78.
Circa 1870
James Hassell's windmill, c. 1870.
Windmill (Hassells) Oamaru. Buit 1866. Pulled down 1909
Windmill (Hassells) Oamaru. Buit 1866. Pulled down 1909
Hassells Windmill
Circa 1900
Phoenix Flour Mill, Old Mill Road, Oamaru
Phoenix Mill site and second wheel, September 1960. Wheel erected in 1878. Diameter of 34 feet. Manufactured by Jack, Steel and Hendry.
Phoenix Flour Mill, Old Mill Road, Oamaru
Circa 1960
Phoenix mill wheel, c.1960. Erected in 1878. Manuafactured by local firm Jack, Steel and Hendry.
Elevated View, Oamaru - Woollen Mills
Old and New Woollen Mills, North Oamaru. First woollen mills (Oamaru Woollen factory) opened in 1884. Safety of the buildings threatened by foreshore erosion and transfer to new site (adjacent) started in 1917. New location established by 1920. Caption information for the Oamaru Woollen Mills complied by Max Smyth (a local photographer) reads as follows: "The old mill, across the railway, commenced work in August 1883. The buildings were extended from time to time - e.g. office and warehouse 1894; worsted plant 1905. The safety of the buildings was threatened by erosion, and after the failure of various protective schemes, it was decided to shift to a new site. Starting in 1917, the transfer was carried out on a carefully planned scheme so that building, transfer of plant and demolition went on in stages. The process was virtually completed by 1920, and not a day's production was lost. Much of the old stone was used again. The former office building was left standing for many years, and the chimney stack was not felled until 1942. It is estimated about a third of the site is now in the sea."
Reid and Gray Engineering
Circa 1912?
Reid and Gray's engineering premises, corner of Thames and Eden Street (west). Formerly Fulton's timber yard. Traction engines. Threshing machine.
The Mohawk Minstrels
The Mohawk Minstrels.Tambourines.
W Steele's Express Cart
W Steele's Express Cart, W Steele's Express, lower Wansbeck Street?. Manufactured by Searle and Gibb.
Oamaru Harbour
Horses and wool bales outside Victoria Home
Binskin's Itinerant Bible Carriage.
Binskin's Itinerant Bible Carriage. The Binskins preached and sold bibles in outlying districts. Photograph taken at rear of Cunningham's Coach building premises in Tyne Street.
First Oamaru Railway Station
First Oamaru Railway Station (1874), c.1880. Men on the platform of the old train station. Man standing next to locomotive on the tracks. New Zealand Loan and Mercantile building in the background. The photograph shows the first Oamaru railway Station built in 1873. It was first used as an office for the Public Works until trains began to run. This date is indefinite but the line to the Waitaki bridge was opened in September 1875 and after the opening of the bridge on 17 April 1876, traffic could go as far as Glenavy. The station was replaced with a new building in Humber Street which opened for use on 29 October 1900. The engine shed shown on the right of the photograph was moved to its present site soon after the opening of the station.
Railway in North Otago
Derailment of carriage, northbound train near Thames Street bridge, 1950s. Malt Supplies Company.
J W Robson in long coat and hat is standing to the right of the policeman.