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Name/title Maker Production date Description
Chinese Pottery Vessel Chinese Pottery Vessel
A vase shaped bottle with a dark brown glaze. The item has been damaged revealing the colour of the light brown clay it is made from.

The following information is from a note that was donated with the item. Pottery Jar from Murphys Flat Chinese camp near Macraes. These were imported from China usually with Tiger Whiskey, a Chinese rice whiskey.
Campaign Ale Campaign Ale
North Otago Brewery (estab. Circa 1876, closed Circa 1915)
Circa 1906
Dark green glass bottle. Labelled "Campaign ale. Non-intoxicating". "Brewed and bottled by R. Shand and Co., Ribble Street, Oamaru".
Bottle of Stout Bottle of Stout
North Otago Brewery (estab. Circa 1876, closed Circa 1915)
Pre 1905
Green glass bottle with contents intact. Label reads "Extra double brown stout". "North Otago Brewery. Prime North Otago. Brewed and bottled by R. Shand and Co. Oamaru. Stout Prime invigorating and nourishing. Stout."
Steinecker beer bottle Steinecker beer bottle
First bottle of beer sold in Oamaru under Trust Control on Saturday March 24th 1962. This ended decades of prohibition in Oamaru.
Purchased by Bill Burns, then Curator of the Pioneer Gallery, at the Wear Street Bottle Store. "STEINECKER STEINECKER LAGER BEER. CONTENTS 12 FL OZ NETT." Small brown bottle with contents intact.
A photo of this purchase is in the Oamaru Mail on 26 March 1962 p. 4
Lane's Emulsion bottle Lane's Emulsion bottle
Lane's Emulsion bottle with a screw top and label. Bottle has "LANES EMULSION" embossed on both sides. 190 mm x 70 mm x 50 mm. Label is a little worn but readable. Metal top has Lanes Emulsion.