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Name/title Maker Production date Description
Sword Sword
Firmin & Sons
Circa 1901
Dress sword which belonged to David Mickle Jack who was the model for the Boer War memorial in Thames Street.

A = Leather and metal sheath. Very good condition. Metal at bottom as well as around neck

B = Sword. Pattern on sword has a sunburst and a crown as well as ER vii. Hand guard also has crown and ERvii.

"David Jack was born in Oamaru in 1878. He learned to ride at a very early age and became an expert horseman before leaving for the Boer War". "Jack was also chosen, among others, to represent New Zealand at the coronation of King Edward VII in 1902. He died in Auckland in 1963 aged 85. David Jack's photograph was sent to Italy where the statue was carved. Mr Jack does not really know why his grandfather was chosen for the statue, but guesses it may have been because of his height, which was six foot three inches (1.9m). (Oamaru Mail 8-2-06)
Sword Sword
Harry Street's military sword.

A = Scabbard. Leather covered. Strap is broken, but has been stapled together. End of scabbard is unstitched and worn.

B = Sword has been renickled. Has Empire crown and VR in scrolled area of hand piece.

Cecil Harry Street was born in England in 1871. In 1887 his family moved to Australia, in 1895 he came to New Zealand. Sometime after 1895 Harry became manager of the Ngapara Dairy factory. In 1900 he enlisted in the Boer War. After discharge he returned to Oamaru, where he became a commissioned officer in the Waitaki Mounted Rifles, having the rank of Lieutenant. He enlisted in 1902 and was in South Africa when peace was declared. [He served in the Boer War from 1899 to 1902 and the sword was part of his military regalia - Oamaru mail 15-11-2004 p. 3]
Naval Sword Naval Sword
Hobson and Sons (estab. 1850)
A= Sword. One side of the blade has a leafy pattern flanking two spiral arrows (end on) each arrow has a set of wings.
On the top of the printed side is "Hobson and Sons"
On the other side is a star of David.
The hand guard is gold coloured metal. An Imperial crown on top of an anchor decorates the front. There is a small, hinged flap on the printed side (this prevents wearing on the uniform).
The back of the hilt is decorated like a lion's mane. The hand guard is protected from the lion’s mouth. The handle is decorated with wire ribbon and chagrin. Fair.
B= Scabbard, Black leather
C= Scabbard - end section.
Flintlock Musket Flintlock Musket
Edward Jordan
Flintlock musket. Muzzle loading. Brown Bess 1st Land Pattern. Banana lock. Marked 1742 (George II). Maker Jordan. .75 calibre. No. "81" on small of butt, possibly the number of a regiment.
Rifle Rifle
Royal Small Arms Factory: Enfield
Rifle that belonged to Corporal Bartlett Grant of Otiake. Mr Grant took part in the Boer War with Company G South Island Battalion. His regimental number was 5882. He enlisted 21 December 1901 and was discharged 2 August 1902.

A = Rifle 950 mm long, wooden stock and barrel. On left hand side, just above trigger, is stamped '(crown) - V. R. - Enfield - 1897 - ME 303 - AC 1'. There are attachments for a leather strap, but there is not one. On the right side is stamped '(Crown) - V.R. - Enfield - 1884 - 111 – 1.' Along the top edge of the barrel are stamped the following numbers '920.' Just about the area where the bullet is inserted, '5904' to the right side, '98' to the other side ' 10/HG 107 ' (picture) just by the sighting gauge.

B = Leather holder for bayonet. Presumably this leather holder would fit on to the sling. Stamped onto the back is "O D E ". Also on the back is - OD... - 1895 - London". The leather holder is in quite good condition. At the front is a small hole to hold the side pin of the sheath. This hole is a little scratched but otherwise fine. On the face of the holder (which would be hidden by the bayonet) is stamped ' 3 - O M I - 60'.

C = Black leather sheath with metal tip. Slightly scratched on outside face. Holder and sheath = 464 mm.

D = Bayonet, 420 mm long. Wooden hand grip. But very shiny. Stamped on one side of blade is '(Crown) V R 6 : 92.' On the other side is arrow WD and (anchor?) sign - 4 5 - L X. Very good condition.