Jackman family, four generations

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The Jackman family, four generations. Three Thomas Jackmans, with Valerie Jackman
(North Otago Early Settlers' Association, 1993)
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photo on board
H 300mm x L 434mm
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Collection of the Waitaki Archive. Id 104604


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Hi Ralda, yes you are probably correct, in what you say. Your comment though, is for the following picture, Accession number 2017/002.109 System ID; 159009. Jackman Family. Four generations. Where it shows, the wee lad sitting on the gentlemans lap. My comment though, is for the following picture, Accession number 2017/002.32 System ID; 104604. Also labelled, "Jackman Family". Four generations. This shows my grandmother standing in front, as a wee girl. Both pictures are tagged with the same heading "Jackman Family". A correction is required. I have conversed with Chris Leech, via email from the Museum, who has advised me, that the pictures have been cued for correction on their website.

- Drew McClenaghan on 27-10-2020 22:49:46

Oops I meant Totara Oamaru

- Ralda on 20-10-2020 19:38:52

This is the Jackman family uncle Tom is sitting I On my grandfather Thomas Knee I never knew my gt gt grandfather but knew My great grandfather Thomas I was bought up by my grandfather Thomas and hid wife Jessie in Totes a Oamaru

- Ralda Martin on 19-10-2020 05:41:07

Correction required. This is not the Jackman Family, although they are related to the Nightingale Family via the McCullough line. The gentleman on the left, (sitting) is my great-grandfather Rodney "Rod" Lee, born 28 May 1891, died 25 Nov 1989. The elder gentleman with the cane, is Ernest Page Lee, born abt 1863, died 19th Feb, 1932. He was the brother of Fanny Laura Snell Lee, who married John Bulleid. The gentleman standing behind is Croyden Lee, son of Herbert Lee, younger brother too Ernest Lee. (Ernest had no children) The little girl is Sylvia Lee, born 1916 (my grandmother) who later in life married Cecil Nightingale. Cecil was the son of Thomas Nightingale. I guess she would be about 4 yrs old here, so around the 1920's. This pic is also in the Sylvia Nightingale, nee Lee, Collection. It is also shown here back to front. Needs to be flipped.

- Drew McClenaghan on 23-06-2020 05:45:02

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